Astrid Riska, conductor

Astrid Riska is the conductor of the Jubilate Choir, an ensemble she founded in 1969. She originally trained as a primary school teacher, continued her studies at the Sibelius Academy, qualified as a cantor, organist and music teacher and received a diploma in organ playing in 1963. She continued to study organ in Paris and took a special interest in children's choirs and voice training. She has worked as a music teacher in Finnish schools, has taught the organ at the Sibelius Academy and acted as organist for the Church of St. Thomas. For 25 years she sang in the Finnish Radio Chamber Choir and was for a time also its conductor. In 1989, Astrid Riska was awarded the Fazer Music Prize for distinguished service in the realm of musical education. In 1995, she received the main prize of the Swedish Cultural Foundation and in 1997 she was named Choral Conductor of the year.

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Jubilate Choir

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Jean Sibelius

Winter with Sibelius

(Digital Album)


ODE 1450-2

Released 01/2024

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Souda, souda sinisorsa. Lasten oma Sibelius-levy

Olli Mustonen · Pekka Kuusisto · Jorma Hynninen · Tapiola Choir etc.
ODE 1083-2

Released 03/2006

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Joulu Ainolassa. Christmas in Ainola

Various Artists
ODE 966-2

Released 11/2000

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