The New York Times writes about Lars Vogt's latest album release together with Christian Tetzlaff and Tanja Tetzlaff (03.02.2023)


























Prestigious American newspaper, The New York Times, has published an extensive article 'Facing Death, a Pianist Recorded Music of Unspeakable Emotions' on the Schubert trio album with Lars Vogt, Christian Tetzlaff and Tanja Tetzlaff.


"There are recordings that are meant for the ages, that are intended to sound definitive. There are recordings that document a fleeting interpretation, that inspire or provoke, that accept the impossibility of a final word. And then there are the rare recordings whose circumstances defy the ordinary routines of an artist, that capture a high or a low moment in that person’s life and, matched to the right music, transcend it." (The New York Times)


We warmly recommend this beautiful article to all friends of the artistry of Lars Vogt.