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Leif Segerstam (1944-)

One of the outstanding conductors on the international stage today, Leif Segerstam's extensive body of work reflects his own extravagant, larger-than-life personality. He has composed a large number of pieces in virtually every medium, many conceived as large-scale cycles, such as the series of "Orchestral Diary Sheets," or the pieces entitles "Monumental Thoughts." He remains a potent force on the Finnish modern music scene.

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Leif Segerstam, conductor
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Epitaph No. 6.VI...
Flowerbouquette No. 43E
Impressions of Nordic Nature No. 4
Nostalgic Thoughts from Nostalgic Thoughts in KAAMOStime
Symphony No. 18 in one thought "Unelma - A Dream"
Symphony No. 21 (September: Visions at Korpijärvi)
Symphony No. 23 (Afterthoughts Questioning Questionings)
Symphony No. 81 “After Eighty…” (2002)
Symphony No. 162 “Doubling the Number for Bergen!” (2006)
Symphony No. 181 “Names itself when played... = (raising the number with 100 for Bergen)” (2007)
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The Loudest Classical Music of All Time

Various composers

Re-issue, originally released in 1997

Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra

Leif Segerstam

ODE 1210-2

Released 02/2017

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Leif Segerstam
Symphonies Nos. 81, 162 & 181

Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra
(without conductor)
ODE 1172-2

Released 11/2010

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Leif Segerstam
Symphonies Nos. 21 & 23
Without conductor
Finnish RSO
Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra
ODE 928-2

Released 07/1999

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Leif Segerstam
Symphony No. 18
Epitaph No. 6. VI...
Impressions of Nordic Nature No. 4
Flowerbouquette No. 43E

Hannele Segerstam, violin
Pia Segerstam, cello
The Danish NRSO
Malmö Symphony Orchestra
Finnish RSO
Leif Segerstam, conductor
ODE 877-2

Released 05/1996

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